Channel Sync

XCL has developed a powerful remedy that delivers channel synchronization.  Our “Channel Sync” application allows Service Agents (Call Center) to update member contact preferences over multiple channels. This yields more accurate, effective and relevant member contact.

Agents may input or modify member communications preferences using our powerful, intuitive dashboard.  This synchronizes member contact over on-line and off-line touch points and establishes a truly holistic view of the member relationship.

  • Channel Sync” unifies automated and live interactions
  • Establishes a 360-degree view of member contact throughout their member journey
  • Unifies on-line and off-line campaign tracking, responding to member preferences
  • Allows campaign adjustment in real-time based on what’s working – and what’s not

CS DashboardBlending all member touch points in this way sustains the member experience.  The relationship is always maintained by giving members the option to engage in preference based communications – no matter the channel.