Compliant Opt-In Process

Compliant Opt-In Process

Our consumer centric methodology overcomes the rising tide of consumer dissatisfaction – changing the basic paradigm from unsolicited interruptive communications to consumer selected messages, arriving with perceived value.

XCL’s Opt-In Process establishes the foundation for engaging members and prospects with superior levels of dialogue and information sharing.  This yields both short and long-term relationship benefits.  Short term, members receive more relevant and useful communications.  Over time, marketers have the ability to provide focused and targeted exchanges of information that will raise each member’s satisfaction and lifetime value.

To establish a durable opt-in requires adhering to FTC published guidelines for disclosures.  Our “Express Consent” process includes gathering the recipient’s signature (in electronic or digital form) and authorized contact information.  XCL manages all requirements, providing a “clear and conspicuous disclosure” within the Opt-In “Terms & Conditions.”  This authorizes delivery of personalized communications throughout the member journey.
Establishing an Opt-in creates a closer relationship, delivers exceptional value and creates a true competitive advantage.  Opt-In programs have generated extremely compelling results:  

  • 80% increase in sales over the control group
  • 75% decrease in marketing waste
  • 6-point increase in member satisfaction
  • 300% increase in response and leads
  • 200% increase in revenue

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