Multichannel Contact Reporting

Real-time Member Feedback

Our unified multichannel platform includes a comprehensive, real-time member contact reporting portal.  This secure web based application, includes rich monitoring and analysis tools.  These include tracking of member communications by channel, geographic location, unique events and trend analysis.  Portal access is password protected and permission can be granted based on client defined security and hierarchical permissions.  Multiple users can access and interact with the portal simultaneously.  XCL can tailor or customize how reporting data is presented based on client requirements.

Multichannel Reporting

Our agile and customizable reporting dashboard accommodates a wide                             range of requirements:

  • Hierarchical view of data across organizational areas of responsibility
  • Charts, graphs, trend lines for metrics selected by users to review areas of responsibility results
  • Secure user login & client defined access control
  • Program activity monitoring by channel
  • View individual member interactions and use activity
  • Track member interactions by geography

Reporting tools also support closed-loop internal feedback – triggering alerts to management or other designated staff.  Alerts can be delivered as out-of-band triggers leveraging our Cross Channel platform (email, voice, SMS, broadband).  Designated users can then have access to member response data and contact details in order to address any issues.