Healthcare Evolution

Healthcare LogoEnhancing Member Experience 

The legacy healthcare market has relied heavily on paper processes and correspondence.  These have historically slowed healthcare fulfillment and significantly impacted the overall cost of care.  The quality of healthcare communications and fulfillment has also had a negative effect on patient and plan member satisfaction.  Providing a remedy to this relationship issue will play an important role in healthcare market evolution.

Current market transformation is changing how the public shops for healthcare insurance plans.  The new marketplace allows buyers to comparison shop between healthcare plans online.  The new marketplace will also require uniformly packaged coverage components – such as member deductibles and out-of-pocket payments.  This will result in much greater competition between plan providers for member enrollment and retention.

In order to maximize market capture, plan providers must incorporate compelling enhancements and value-added services to their plan offerings.  These enhancements will likely have an impact on operational costs.  Implementing cost offsets and other process efficiencies wherever possible, will be critical to the bottom line and market success.

Our process allows healthcare plan members to select and then receive automated interactive personalized alerts, notifications and messages specific to their healthcare plan activity.  The process can be linked to any healthcare plan providers’ web environment.  Web linkage connects plan members to secure “micro-site” that supports the data collection process.

XCL’s solution supports all aspects of the members’ content management process including; preferred channel selection, collection of channel contact information, content selection and content delivery schedule.  Our Digital Communications Platform automatically manages content delivery and access via email, voice and SMS/Text channels.  In total, it offers healthcare plan providers’ a comprehensive member communications solution that delivers improved member satisfaction, plan provider operational efficiencies and cost reductions.  Implementation of our process by healthcare plan providers will result in enhanced market distinction and greater market penetration.