Digital Communications Platform

Healthcare Provider to Member Multichannel Communications 

Cross Channel Logic (XCL) has developed a unique platform tailored specifically for the healthcare industry.  Our HIPPA compliant and secure platform has been engineered to achieve relevant, personalized and interactive contact between healthcare providers and members at every necessary or desired engagement stage.

The foundation of our solution is an automated multichannel digital communications platform.  This supports inbound and outbound mobile communications (voice, email, SMS/Text, web) between healthcare plan providers and members. It delivers a range of content (outbound) supporting member’s healthcare plan activities, benefits, etc.  The platform may also be accessed (inbound) by plan members on-demand, to retrieve available plan information or activity.

XCL has also integrated distinctive products or components within our service platform.  Our unique healthcare communications platform incorporates three proprietary components;

1)  Multichannel content management process – patent pending,

2)  Live channel interaction portal

3)  Member contact activity reporting / analysis portal – multichannel.

This combined product / service offering surpasses any other available communication platform and provides healthcare providers with a comprehensive solution to enhanced interactive mobile contact throughout the entire “member journey.”  All product / components are HIPPA compliant, secure and integrate with healthcare providers’ technology platforms (CRM / CEM systems, data base management, etc.).  All user interfaces are intuitive, robust and privacy protected using state-of-the-art multi-factor authentication processes – tailored by channel.

Platform Benefits

Our automated multichannel communications platform is a mature technology, with proven quality of service for many years.  The architecture of our platform has been constructed in a modular fashion.  This allows our platform channel and network capacity to be easily scaled for any requirement.

Integrating proactive contact via database-driven inbound and outbound digital channel contact delivers many relationship and operational benefits:

  • Mobile access to plan account activities & benefits
  • Improved perception of plan value
  • Increased member retention & loyalty
  • Improved quality of care
  • Immediate access to feedback & member perceptions
  • Effective communications throughout the “member journey”
  • Transactional environment allowing payment, scheduling, information input or update
  • Multi-lingual member support
  • Supports Mobile Health Initiative (mHealth)