My Plan Alerts

 A Powerful Relationship Solution 

“My Plan Alerts” is a patent pending communications solution allowing healthcare plan members to select and then receive automated interactive personalized alerts and notifications specific to their healthcare plan activity.  XCL’s exclusive permission based process is linked to health plan providers’ web environment.  This web link connects plan members to our secure “preference center” supporting the member enrollment and alert selection process.Alerts Three Steps

“My Plan Alerts” offers a simple three step enrollment process allowing individual members to select and manage content preferences.  Our intuitive process supports all aspects of the members’ content management process including; collection of channel contact information, content selection, content delivery schedule and preferred channel selection – over email, voice and SMS/Text channels.

For healthcare plan providers’, our powerful member communications solution delivers improved member satisfaction, plan provider operational efficiencies, significant plan provider cost reductions, enhanced market distinction and ultimately greater market penetration.

“My Plan Alerts” is operated by XCL as a “fully managed service” and implementation is completely turnkey.  Our solution includes three discrete components:


Content Management Micro-Site - Members enroll using an intuitive “3 Step” process (patent pending)

Multichannel Content Library Consists of message content scripted for all phases of the “Members Journey.”  Content is specifically tailored to maximize channel capability, performance & member benefit

Multichannel Reporting Portal – XCL provides an elegant, intuitive communications dashboard providing rich, detailed and channel specific activity information.

In addition to improvements in member communications, healthcare plan providers will benefit from a reduced “Total Cost of Ownership,” rapid platform deployment and integration with existing systems.