Personalized Permission Based Marketing

XCL’s Opt-In and Preference Center combine to create a powerful relationship methodology – Personalized Permission Based Marketing.  This is fueled by maintaining a relevant dialogue and brings true innovation into the engagement process.  Preferences give marketers a consistent view into long-term interests and affinities – giving marketers a more complete picture of each member.

This is initiated with strict adherence to all Federal and State regulations.  Compliance is vital to all XCL permission marketing.  Our process complies with regulations like CAN-SPAM for email and the TCPA for mobile marketing.  A personalized relationship provides uniquely rich and in-depth information.  This relationship methodology delivers exceptional results:

  • 89% report higher member satisfaction
  • 80%  report better campaign results
  • 80% report higher member retention
  • 78% report higher marketing ROI

Marketers realize huge value by recognizing the members’ voice.  Improving member experience enhances relationship quality that creates a sustainable competitive advantage.