Preference Management Center

XCL has designed two exclusive preference processes – one tailored for prospects and another for members.  Both environments incorporate our Multichannel Content Management Process – “My Plan Alerts.”  Our patent pending web based solution allows selection of personalized alerts and notifications specific to healthcare plan activity, benefits and marketing offers.

Linked to the healthcare plan providers’ main web site, our secure “micro-site” presents a simple three step preference data collection process – preferred channel, channel contact information, desired content and delivery schedule.

Our process incorporates comprehensive real-time reporting of all activities, tracking interactions by channel, geographic location, unique events and trend analysis.

The Member Experience – Upon completion of opt-in enrollment and preference management, the member receives personalized, interactive communications on their preferred mobile channel.  This proactively informs members about plan activity in advance of their inquiry.  It dramatically increases member satisfaction and reduces operational costs like call center support.  “Terms and Conditions” of opt-in also allows marketing offers to be delivered to the member – cross-sell, up-sell, etc.  Preference data accurately associates offers with the members’ needs and desires.

The Prospect Experience – The prospect experience amounts to a “test drive” or simulation of the proactive plan experience.  This promotes plan value and unique benefits.  Opt-in “Terms and Conditions” give plan marketers a “green light” to deliver plan offers, encouraging plan purchase.

The preference process provides marketers with a clear understanding of how members and prospects wish to be contacted, and what messages they choose to receive.  This produces a single, unified view of their individual preferences.  Personalized contact management has delivered exceptional results:

  • 89% report higher member satisfaction
  • 80%  report better campaign results
  • 80% report higher member retention
  • 78% report higher marketing ROI

When you communicate on a more personal and relevant basis, you drive engagement, build loyalty and increase the lifetime value of your member relationships.