Personalized Permission Based Healthcare Marketing

Competition among healthcare plan providers has never been greater or more intense.  This translates into more choices and greater expectations by members and plan shoppers.  To address this challenge, healthcare plan marketers are continually searching for innovative methods to communicate plan value in the most relevant ways.  XCL’s Opt-In Gateway™ allows plan members and shoppers to define a rich interactive relationship, by selecting their unique contact preferences.  Because the relationship is established with their permission, healthcare plan marketers may actively convey plan value and advantages with “Express Consent.”

More than 75% of consumers say companies should let them decide how they can be contacted – Forrester Research

Engage, Interact, Communicate

Our complaint Opt-In Gateway is conveniently placed in  the on-line engagement path.  It entices plan shoppers and members to experience the distinctive benefits of a proactive relationship.  For the plan shopper, this translates into a compelling “test drive,” revealing exclusive member benefits and advantages.  For the plan member, it establishes a personalized, preference based and interactive dialogue throughout their member journey.  Member interactions then yield rich, multi-channel conversations.  In both cases, the consensual, compliant opt-in allows marketers to continue building each relationship by communicating plan value and up-sell opportunities.  Although simple to execute, the process establishes a comprehensive “relationship marketing” communication platform.  This fully automated platform provides a quantum leap in the effectiveness and return on investment.

One Solution – Multiple Benefits

  • Compliant Opt-In Process
  • Preference Center
  • Personalized Permission Based Marketing
  • Consensual Database Development
  • Enhanced Marketing Automation