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Cross Channel Logic

Philosophy – Communication is the glue that builds each unique relationship.  If properly structured and blended – with personal, timely, and relevant content – communications will significantly enhance your members’ experience.  Delivering that experience defines the philosophy and purpose behind Cross Channel Logics’ service.  Combining our philosophy with over twenty years of practical, hands on experience delivering tailored communications across all sales and service interactions defines our proposition.  We specialize in one thing – delivering a positive member experience that effectively responds to their unique needs, desires and opportunities.

Expertise – Cross Channel Logic is an established provider of automated multichannel interactive mobile communications.  We have developed a unique platform tailored specifically for the healthcare industry.  Our HIPPA compliant and secure platform has been engineered to achieve relevant, personalized and interactive contact between healthcare providers and members at every necessary or desired engagement stage.  The industry often refers to the member engagement cycle as the “member journey.”  Our platform communicates interactively over multiple digital channels throughout the “Member Journey.”  Platform flexibility accommodates both inbound and outbound communications.  This support the delivery (outbound) of content about members’ healthcare plan activities, benefits, etc.  Members may also access (in-bound) on-demand, any available plan information or activity.

Our mission – “Build Lasting Member Relationships”