Security Feedback & Fulfillment

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Automated, self-service password management by XCL allows users who have either forgotten their password or triggered an intruder lockout to authenticate with an alternate factor, and repair their own problem without calling the help desk.

Our security services leverage mobile and multichannel communication links with each consumer.  Our strong user verification processes incorporate industry proven multifactor authentication (MFA).  This uses two or more factors for right party engagement:

    • Something known only by user (password, pass phrase, account details, transaction history)
    • Something held only by the user – possession-based (mobile phone, security token, smart card)OOB Authentication

Our digital multichannel platform supports a robust security methodology called Out-Of-Band Authentication (OOB).  This process uses one channel for consumer communication and different channel for delivery of security information.  OOB incorporates MFA and is used for reissuing and terminating a range of credentials – reset passwords, recover forgotten IDs, request elevated access, etc.  XCL manages OOB security implementations both out-bound / in-bound voice calls or SMS request/reply.

XCL offers a full complement of security applications.  All applications are fully managed by XCL in conjunction with a secure password generator:

  • One Time Password (OTP) - Delivered to users via OOB.  Used for application sign-in by user.  Supported by multiple OOB channels – SMS / text message, automated outbound call, inbound Interactive Voice Response / IVR (triggered by outbound call) or email delivery
  • Password Generation & Reset - Supports automated password management.  Enables real-time, multi-factor user authentication during an Internet session.  Secure delivery over multiple channels.Mobile Formats
  • Account Registration / Activation – Multichannel delivery of PIN, other code or confirmation message.  Secure, rapid, user-friendly.
  • Transaction Authentication - OOB authentication, enabling smartphones as a security device.  Provides the ability to repeat transaction details back to the user.
  • Order Confirmation - Automatically verifies online transactions or purchases.  E-commerce solution, can support shopping cart check out process.